Jeep 4x4 systems explained

If you have ever wondered about the different four wheel drive systems available with Jeep® vehicles, here is an explanation of the amazing capabilities of our four wheeling adventure, at your command!

Wherever your adventure takes you, advanced traction and secure handling is a safety benefit no matter how smooth the road or how rough the trail.

Jeep® vehicles and their legendary 4x4 systems are what make the Jeep brand so unique and so dominant in the off-road world.The information on this page is not model or year specific. Please refer to your owner's manual for information pertaining to your specific Jeep vehicle.





Jeep®Grand Cherokee

Quadra-Drive II

Quadra-Trac I

Quadra-Trac II

Quadra-Trac SRT Active


Active Drive I

Active Drive II

Active Drive Lock

With so many four wheel drive systems to choose from,

it might be difficult to decide which is the best system for you.

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